Strict control of chrysotile

The Chairman of Vietnam Construction Labor Union – Mr. Nguyen Van Binh recently had a field trip to Russia to learn about the exploitation and production of chrysotile and the health of the factory workers. Mr. Binh was interviewed by the reporter of Construction Newspaper with regard to his trip.

International Trade Union’s Alliance

The Regional Priority Goal 4 contains the necessity to develop programs on elimination of asbestos-related diseases instead of calling for prohibition of use of asbestos in the draft Declaration.

Health & Safety Executive (UK) forced to withdraw

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upholds Asbestos Watchdog’s complaint about the accuracy of the HSE’s advertising campaign that claims 4500 deaths pa from asbestos exposure.

Is it possible to replace of chrysotile in AC Roofsheet factories?

There are two points of view conflicting with each other on health effects of asbestos chrysotile. The anti–asbestos calls global ban of using the fiber and affirm that “no safe threshold for use of all kinds of asbestos“. In contrast, many countries state that asbestos chrysotile can be totally used safely under standardized regulations.

Safe use of Chrsyotile Asbestos

Asbestos is a commercial term to indicate any fibrous mineral with a fibrous form. In fact, there are many types of asbestos fibers which are divided into two families: the serpentine and the amphiboles. The serpentine variety is curly, included of chrysotile asbestos (or white asbestos), most commonly used for industrial purposes in more than 100 countries. Other asbestos fibers, from the amphibole family, are very straight and needle-like included of amosite, crocidolite, tremolite, actinolite, and anthophyllite. The amphiboles are deemed to cause lung cancer.

Chrysotile using in Brazil

Chrysotile is used in hundreds of Brazilian industries that consume 150 thousand ton a year. Located in practically every State of Brazil, these companies generate more than 170 thousand direct and indirect jobs.

Chrysotile needs to be judged in a fair and scientific manner

The Conference “Chrysotile in manufacturing – safety measures and health” is jointly organized by National Institute of Labor Protection and the International Building Union on 12th August, 2008 under the sponsorship of International Labor Organization. The conference had a number of reports which reviewed and judged chrysotile asbestos as harmful as amphibole asbestos group. These viewpoints are totally unscientific and unfairly. This article would provide further information for an accurate understanding of chrysotile asbestos.

“Con Co” charcoal stoves do not contain asbestos

Because of receiving the feedback from Mr. Pham Nhu Hung (resided at number 9, C10, Kim Giang, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi) about the matter “Need to bring test as soon as possible for withdrawing “Con Co” charcoal stove brand” passing by New Hanoi newspaper. To respond the feedback, Bac Ninh Department of Science and Technology replied below as:

TALC contain only amphibole asbestos

April 08, 2009, Moscow – On the back of number of articles, published in Russian and foreign mass media concerning the fact that asbestos-contaminated talc was found in powder-like cosmetics and baby powder produced in Korea, Russian Chrysotile Association sees proper to comment it.