The Vietnam National Roofsheet Association presents the Huổi Châng Village Cultural House to the community of Ẳng Tở Commune, Mường Ảng District, Điện Biên Province.

After months of anticipation, the construction of the Huổi Châng Cultural House has finally been completed. Even the March rain couldn’t dampen the excitement, mixed with a hint of curiosity, of the people around Ẳng Tở Commune, Mường Ảng District, Điện Biên Province, who attended the Handover Ceremony. Despite being named after the village, all the residents from the surrounding villages of Ẳng Tở came together to celebrate with Huổi Châng Village.

The Vietnam Roofing Association presented the charity project of housing and dining hall to Mai am Giu-se

Having started from the second week of March, the house and dining room project donated by the Vietnam National Roofsheet Association to Mai Am Giuse was completed after 2 months of construction. With a total value of 770 million VND, new applications of fibro-cement materials such as wall panels, colored roofing sheets, and floor panels have been used in combination to create a living area for more than 130 children. Unlucky children at the Shelter. In addition, the Vietnam Roofing Association also donated 70 backpacks and many school supplies, blankets to support the noble heart of Mr. Dinh Minh Nhat, in order for him to continue helping unlucky situation.

The seminar “Fibre cement products are safe for use”

On the morning of January 19, the Vietnam Association for Building Materials held the seminar “Fibre cement products are safe for use” with the participation of professionals and officials in the field of building materials.