Evaluation of the exposure, dose-response and fate in the lung and pleura of chrysotile-containing brake dust compared to TiO2, chrysotile, crocidolite or amosite asbestos in a 90-day quantitative inhalation toxicology study

The study related to chrysotile-containing brake dust has provided two interim results including experimental design, aerosol exposure, lung burdens and BAL in rats and histopathological examination, confocal microscopy and collagen quantification of the lung and pleural cavity with life-time post-exposure observation.

Changing trends in US mesothelioma incidence

Of the major asbestos related diseases, mesothelioma is the most sensitive and specific indicator of the adverse health effects that have resulted from airborne exposures to asbestos fibres.

Safe and responsible use of chrysotile asbestos – Institute of State and Law Cela – Center for Legal Advices

This study was prepared by the Center of Legal Advice – Institute of State and Law, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. The study provides a review of the legal and institutional frameworks designed to regulate chrysotile (white asbestos, henceforth referred to as “chrysotile”) in eight different countries. The findings of the study will contribute information to the development of policy and legislation on the safe and responsible use of chrysotile in Vietnam.

Study on testing and assessing the quality of asbestos fibre cement sheets and PVA fibre cement sheets

In order to have an objective view on the quality of fibre cement roofing sheets, Viet Nam Roofsheet Association (VNRA) requested Viet Nam Institute for Building materials (VIBM) to conduct a research on assessment of the quality of fibre cement roofing sheets using different types of fibre. To do that, VIBM tested samples of asbestos and PVA fibre cement roofing sheets produced by selected companies.

Economic impact of chrysotile ban – Case study of asbestos cement roofsheet in Vietnam

The ban of chrysotile presents economic impacts on users, workers, corporates and Vietnamese government. AC roofsheet is an optimal choice for the low-income consumer group, especially that in rural and mountainous areas and areas frequently hit by natural disasters. Based on the research of Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), it proposes the following solutions and recommendations:

Preliminary survey result of mortality situation in Tan Trinh commune, Ha Giang from 2010 – 2014

Since 2009, thanks to the local authority’s policy to fund asbestos cement (AC) roof-sheets, the rate of AC roofing within the commune in particular and in Quang Binh district in general is relatively high (about 70%). As one part of the annual medical examination, Construction Hospital conducted the health check for people living under the asbestos cement roofing sheets and investigated the situation of death in the area during the period from 2010 to 2014. The initial findings on the cancer showed that the crude mortality rate of Quang Binh district, Ha Giang province was within limits of the whole country. Compared with other provinces and some other districts, the gap was insignificant. Thus, the results indicated that Quang Binh District had nothing unusual about the frequency of death.

The study on the correlation between asbestos exposure and asbestos related diseases 2009 – 2011

(Ministry of Health – Health Environment Management Agency) – The study was conducted in the span of two years from 2010 to 2011, led by the Health Environment Management Agency of the Ministry of Health with the participation of specialists in occupational health and doctors in lung-related diseases and cancer from the National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health, the Institute for Scientific and Technical Research on Labour Protection, and 06 specialized hospitals in lung cancer and lung-related diseases in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

National Profile on Asbestos – Related Occupational Health 2009 – 2011

ith support of Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan through WHO and with assignment of Vietnam Health Environment Management Agency (VIHEMA) the National Institute of Labour Protection (NILP) has set up the National Profile on Asbestos – Related Occupational Health (NPAROH). It will help Vietnamese Government to have data on asbestos sufficiently and accurately. The NPAROH implemented by the National Institute of Labour Protection (NILP) is a task of the project: “Protection of workers’ health” presided by Vietnam Health and Environment Management Agency (VIHEMA), Ministry of Health in 3 years, 2009-2011. This project is funded by Ministry of Labour and social welfare of Japan through WHO.