Evaluation of the exposure, dose-response and fate in the lung and pleura of chrysotile-containing brake dust compared to TiO2, chrysotile, crocidolite or amosite asbestos in a 90-day quantitative inhalation toxicology study

The study related to chrysotile-containing brake dust has provided two interim results including experimental design, aerosol exposure, lung burdens and BAL in rats and histopathological examination, confocal microscopy and collagen quantification of the lung and pleural cavity with life-time post-exposure observation.

Widely used PVC plastic chemical spurs obesity, prediabetes: Study

[Environmental Health News] Mice exposed in the womb to a chemical used in PVC plastic, door and window frames, blinds, water pipes, and medical devices were more likely to suffer from prediabetes and obesity, according to a study released this week.

Changing trends in US mesothelioma incidence

Of the major asbestos related diseases, mesothelioma is the most sensitive and specific indicator of the adverse health effects that have resulted from airborne exposures to asbestos fibres.