Investment Law 67 – 2014 – QH13

After almost 10 years of implementation, current practices have emphasised the need for a transformation of the legal instruments regulating investment and enterprises in Vietnam, in order to ensure the transparency and equity of the business environment. Responding to this need, the National Assembly of Vietnam passed the new Law on Investment No. 67/2014/QH13 on 26 November 2014

Prime Minister Decision 1469

The prime ministerial Decision 1469/QD-TTg to green-light Vietnam’s building material development has ordered limiting investment into certain materials that are currently in oversupply.

Prime Minister Decision 121

The Prime Minister issued Decision No. 121/2008/QD- TTg dated August 29, 2008 approving the Overall planning for the development of construction materials up to the year of 2020.

Prime Minister Decision 133

Decision No. 133/2009/QD-TTg dated November 3, 2009, of the Prime Minister promulgating the Regulation on communication for warning and forecast of natural disasters at sea

Prime Minister Decision 115

Decision No. 115/2009/QD-TTg dated September 28, 2009, of the Prime Minister defining the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the General Department of Taxation under the Ministry of Finance

Why chrysotile – cement products should be used

Compared to products coming from the petrochemical or metallurgical industries, chrysotile – cement products consume much less energy; in fact, the largest proportion of energy consumption goes into the production of cement.

Asbestos in Drinking water – Background document for development of WHO Guidelines for Drinking water Quality

One of the primary goals of WHO and its member states is that “all people, whatever there is states of development and there is social and economic conditions, have the right to have access to an adequate supply of safe drinking water. A major WHO function to achieve such goals is the responsibility “to propose regulations, and to make recommendations with respect to internation health matters…”

Safety in the use of Chrysotile

The chrysotile industry created and is now implementing a responsible-use programme that is based on the controlled-use approach to regulating chrysotile. Representatives of the world’s major chrysotile exporting mines signed an agreement whereby they committed to supply chrysotile fibre only to those companies that demonstrate compliance with national health and safety regulations.

Uses of asbestos in the West not relevant to Vietnam

In the West, owing to the climatic conditions their industrial buildings and houses are kept closed to conserve heat. There, when harmful effects of asbestos were not known, asbestos fibre used to be extensively sprayed on ceilings and structures of industrial buildings and houses for thermal insulation. Friable low-density asbestos insulation boards were also used as inner roof to provide better fire protection.

Is asbestos killing 100,000 people each year?

It’s not completely difficult for us do searching about “100,000 annual death figure from asbestos-related disease” on Google. Even if be written in any kind of language, these information are always dimly and vague. Have any person ever demanded himself where are these figure from?