Without new investment and expansion of production facilities, AC roof sheet industry is planning for in-depth development

After the promulgation of the Decree no.09/2021/ND-CP on managing building materials, which limited new investments and expansion of AC roof sheet facilities, businesses decided to execute a strategy of in-depth development.

On February 9, 2021, the Decree on managing building materials was promulgated by the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Accordingly, the industry of chrysotile-containing roofing sheet is certainly not permitted to make new investments and expansion in production facilities.

Previously, various legal documents related to AC roof sheet industry such as the Law on Investment, the Law on Chemicals, the Law on Technological Transfer, the Law on Environmental Protection, the Strategy to develop building materials in Vietnam for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision towards 2050 and decrees guiding the above-mentioned laws were also issued by the Government. Here, chrysotile and AC roof sheet industry are still allowed to trade on the market.

Therefore, without new investment and expansion in production facilities, the industry intends to implement in-depth development. In fact, design capacity of the industry is around 64 millions sqm/year in 2020; however, output only attained about 50 millions sqm/year. This makes the optimization of design capacity become an important purpose.

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With the favorable policies in 2020, AC roof sheet companies have already been motivated to modernize their automic and self-contained manufacturing process. Along with that, it is necessary to improve waste treatments to be environment-friendly and safe for human health.

Because the industry is related to chrysotile, a conditional business with strict regulations, every company is required to provide labor protection, maintain safe concentration of fibre dust, take use of modern technology to minimize the exposure of employees and conduct annual occupational examination.

Especially, the absence of new investment or expansion also forces businesses to enhance product quality and diversification. This eventually brings more choices for consumers. Until 2020, AC roof sheet industry has launched different high-quality products such as colored chrysotile-containing roofing sheet, wood grain flat panel, lightweight concrete wall panels, insulation panel, etc., These have been widely applied in civil works across the country with supports of consumers.

Tam Lop Amiang Xi Mang

In the coming time, lots of eye-catching products are expected to be launched in the marketplace.