Which types of products are currently using chrysotile as an input?

At present, there are about 3,000 existing products made from chrysotile and chrysotile is used in manufacturing roof covering materials, textile, plastic, rubber, stove’s doors, material to cover holes in high-temperature area, paper, army’s equipment, national security and nuclear power industry, etc.

In Vietnam, chrysotile naturally presents in the air and in layers of soil and rock. Raw rock exploited from serpentine mines is the material for producing NPK fertilizer. End products is then ground into serpentine dust and used in producing fertilizer for about 500 fertilizer companies across the country. Farmers in Vietnam use NPK fertilizer in agricultural activities.

Imported pure chrysotile’s is long and thin, in powder form and used in manufacturing roofsheet, water pipe, automobile’s brake pad and other insulation and sound-proof products (more than 3,000 products). To name but a few: anti-friction materials to make brake pad, cushion, clutch and elevator’s brake; boat manufacturing and fixing; steamer in electronic generator industry and industry in general; AC roofsheets manufacturing.