Titanate – Phosphate – Xonotlite

Titanate, Phosphate and Xonotlite are three substitutes for asbestos that not be used widely.

Titanate fibre

Potassium titanate fibres are very short fibres developed to replace asbestos as reinforcement in thermoplastics. It is exceptionally resistant to breakage, produces smooth surfaces, and improves stiffness, strength and impact resistance. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and thus it can impart dimensional stability to thermoplastics.

Titanate fibre has not been widely used. Its cost is around 2.50 $/kg.

The fibres dimensional are as follows:

Fibre diameter 0.10-0.16 micrometer
Fibre length 4-6 micrometers

Phosphate fibre

Phosphate fibre was developed as a substitute for asbestos. It is not widely used. Its tensile strength is 1300 – 1900 MPa and its modulus is 69 – 120 GPa.

Xonotlite fibre

Xonotlite fibres are naturally occurring calcium silicate fibres that rnay be substituted for asbestos in thermal insulation, friction materials and gaskets.

These fibres may also crystallize spontaneously from calcium silicate insulation when it is kept at high temperatures for a long time and may be hazardous when removed for disposal.

Substitutes for asbestos – Marcel Cossett