There is opinion that “Occupational Disease Screening Program launched by the Hospital of Construction in 6 recent years: The results are not reliable because the Hospital of Construction is under the Ministry of Construction, which supports the controlled use of chrysotyle”. Is this statment true?

This statement is illogical since the Occupational Disease Screening Program is conducted by reputable experts and doctors who have many years of experience in the field.

Occupational Disease Screening Program is an annual event in 6 years with full records of workers working in the roofing manufacture factory. This program is organized in a scientific and professional manner. All consultation results in 6 consecutive years have been contributed by leading diagnosis specialists of the health sector (not of the construction industry), for example, Prof. Hoang Duc Kiet – Vietnam Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine and experts such as Prof. DSc. Truong Viet Dung, Principal of the School of Medicine and Pharmacy – Vietnam National University, Hanoi; Ass. Prof., DSc. Do Quyet, Deputy Director – Military Hospital 103; Prof., DSc., Dr. Tran Thi Ngoc Lan, Deputy Director of Health Environment Management Agency; and DSc., Dr. Le Thi Hang, PhD of pneumoconiosis, Director of the Hospital of Construction. The outcome of the prestigious film reading council shows that: Typical lesions of chrysotile-related pneumoconiosis are not detected.

It can be said that the Occupational Disease Screening Program is the responsibility of the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Health in the process of implementing the Prime Minister’s decisions regarding to chrysotile. It is the basis for building up an appropriate management roadmap and forcing factories to comply with regulations on occupational safety and health and is the responsibility for workers in AC roofsheet industry.

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