The wife died leaving five children, Mr. Xin in Lung Buong village devoted himself to feed his family without a dream of house

Living in Lung Buong village, Thuan Hoa commune, Vi Xuyen district, the family of Mr. Sung Van Sin, one of the most disadvantaged cases has been proposed to benefactors of Vietnam National Roofsheet Association and Vietnamese Heart Fund by local authorities.


Through the field trip of Vietnam National Roofsheet Association and the Vietnamese Heart Fund to extremely poor households in Vi Xuyen district of Ha Giang province, we have heard the life story of Mr. Sung Van Xin, who is living in Lung Buong village, Thuan Hoa commune. Not only being suffering from low living standard, Mr. Xin also lost his wife due to liver cancer. “I have tried to borrow money from relatives to save her life but there is no way to treat her anymore” – Mr. Xin recounted.


Since his wife died 10 years ago, Mr. Sung Van Xin and his five kids including 04 girls and 01 boy rely absolutely on small maize fields next to their house. There are only two crops of corn in winter and summer with a mere 7 kilograms per crop. He shared that the corn harvested will be exchanged for rice to feed 05 children or sold for money to buy necessities for the whole family. In fact, the corn field is just equal to a small garden of families in the city but it is really a source of life to the family.

During the time, his children have been gradually mature. They can work to earn money for a living; however, there is no substantial change due to low income.

Shared by local authorities and benefactors about house-giving project, Mr. Xin could not help feeling touched because in over half of life, he never dream of a solid home. “I am so grateful for your kindness to help my family with a new solid house” – Mr. Xin said.

After the direct assessment, the representative of sponsors found that the house was not only lacking both electricity and water, together with essential auxiliary works but also in bad condition due to long time of use. This negatively affects on resistance to natural disasters. The benefactors have quickly coordinated with prestigious local building contractors to come up with the most suitable drawing for his family.





Mr. Nong Khanh Toan – the Chairman of People’s Committee of Thuan Hoa commune, Vi Xuyen district shared: “The attention of all levels and sectors, especially Vietnam National Roofsheet Association brings happiness and motivation for disadvantaged households, helping to increase the rate of solid house in our area. In the rainy season, the poor can focus on economic development without worrying about landslides”.

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