The misery of the family with genetic intellectual disability

On August 4-5, the assessment team of the Vietnam National Roofsheet Association and the Vietnamese Heart Fund of the Vietnam National Television paid a visit to the house of Mr. Nguyen Duc Hoa in Nghi Loc distric, Nghe An province.

As a part of the charity project conducted by the Vietnam National Roofsheet Association and the Vietnamese Heart Fund, the sponsor had a meeting with the local authorities of Nghi Van commune, Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province on the situation of Mr. Hoa. According to the application sent to the program, all siblings of the family inherit intellectual disability from their parents with different levels of severe manifestations of the disease.

Tam Lop Fibro Xi Mang 2

Mr. Hoa, who is currently living with his sister Nguyen Thi Van and nephew Nguyen Duc Cuong, has the most miserable circumstance due to their extremely limited cognitive ability with the life. In particular, Mr. Hoa has no longer been able to work. In order to have low-quality daily meals, Ms. Van and her son must go around begging or receiving the support from kind-hearted neighbors. Also because of special background, his nephew who is 13 years old cannot experience the education like other normal children.

Understanding the disadvantage background of the family which is also already confirmed by the local authority, the benefactory has paid a visit to the house. Actually, the house inherited from his parents is seriously degraded and unable to withstand the harsh impacts of weather.

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The roof and wooden pillar has also been broken after a long time of use. Other facilities for daily life such as toilets, kitchen are inadequate and unsanitary.

Mr. Ngo Sy The – Vice Chairman of Nghi Van commune shared the housse is over 20 years old so it is very degraded. In collaboration with VNRA and the Vietnames Heart Fund, the local authority will support the budget and encourage people to participate in the construction. We would like to send our sincere gratefulness to benefactors for the contribution.

The sponsor is urgently developing a new construction plan for the house. In addition to building materials supported by the Provincial Youth Union, new fibre cement products will also be applied. As expected, the house will be completed within 3 months.