The houses made of new fiber cement materials draw great attention of local residents in Van Lang commune

(Yen Bai Newspaper) Local residents in Village 1, Van Lang commune, Yen Binh district, Yen Bai province have been excited about the new small house of Mr. Nguyen Van Quang.

The new house of Mr. Quang after completion.

Being a poor family, the family of Mr. Quang has lived under a shabby leaf house with the walls made of simple layers of straw for many years.

As reported, the couple who were farmers have become workers in a local factory. The stable income is just enough for tuition fees of children, so the construction of a new house has long been a dream. Fortunately, with the support of local authorities and businesses, the family of Mr. Quang was eventually able to welcome a warm new year in the new solid house.

The old house with thatched roof of the family of Mr. Quang.

To express the feelings with the new home, Mr. Quang stressed: “It is surprised that the house can be constructed timely for Tet which will come in only 2 months. With the use of new materials including lightweight concrete fiber-cement panels, the house was completed in a month. Our relatives are very excited when seeing the beautiful house with blue roof of my family”,

Mr. Khuong, the builder of this house happily shared: “The new materials help to significantly reduce the construction time; therefore, the house can be completed on schedule. Although being familiar with fiber cement materials, this is the first time I see a flat sheet in combination with lightweight concrete to build walls. Builders only need to assembly the panels together to have a complete house.”

Flat fiber cement wall panels and lightweight concrete.

Despite the short construction time, the building process attracted great attention from local people. At the beginning of construction, neighbors wondered why there was no brick? It was only when the fiber-cement sheets combined with lightweight concrete were assembled, local residents understood the new construction process. During the roof installation, people once again asked why there was colored AC roof sheet?

In fact, when it comes to AC roof sheets, people often think of gray, corrugated sheets with cheap price and high resistance to extreme climate conditions.

However, to meet the aesthetic needs and improve capacities of waterproofing and moisture resistance, the house has been built with AC roof sheets using dry-paint technology which brings more eye-catching products.

Bao Yen Bai

Dong Anh Company and FM Trading Co., Ltd. held a charity house –giving ceremony for Ms. Le Thi Tuyen in Village 4, Van Lang commune, Yen Binh district.

In addition to the family of Mr. Quang in Village 1, another poor household who was also given a charity house was Mrs. Le Thi Tuyen in Village 4, Van Lang commune, Yen Binh district, Yen Bai province. In the program of charity houses of FM Trading Co., Ltd. and Dong Anh Construction, Investment and Building Materials JSC., the charity houses will be deployed for other disadvantaged families.

Having a speech at the charity house – giving ceremony for 2 households in Van Lang commune, Mr. Le Van Nghia – General Director of Dong Anh Investment, Construction and Building Materials JSC., committed: “New cement fiber products with affordable price, high durability, fast installation, electricity insulation, heat insulation, good moisture resistance are suitable for people in the mountainous areas, where the climate is extremely harsh. Our company is committed to accompanying so that happiness can come to people.”

Production technology for new fiber cement products has been developed in many countries

Hundreds of years ago, fiber cement products were invented by an Austrian industrialist and became a building material for most civil constructions in many countries in Europe, the Russia, the USA … Later, it was introduced to Asian countries such as China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.

With the characteristics of electricity insulation, heat insulation, fireproofing, waterproofing and cheap price, the products are used as roofs, partitions in construction works. Nowadays, together with traditional gray corrugated AC roof sheets, new products such as decorative walling materials, colored roofing sheets, flat sheets, lightweight concrete fiber cement wall panels, etc. are also being produced in Vietnam.

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