The house/school – giving project inspires the lives of poor people in Vi Xuyen district

On October 26, local authorities of Vị Xuyen district, together with the Vietnam National Roofsheet Association – Vietnam Television held a handover ceremony the new works for disadvantaged people in the area.

In the second half of 2020, the local authority of Vi Xuyen district cooperated with the Vietnam National Roofsheet Association and the Vietnamese Heart Fund – Vietnam Television to build 02 new houses for the poor in Thuan Hoa commune and 01 school site in Thuong Son commune.

After months of construction but hindered by storms in mountainous area, the handover ceremony of house and schoold was officially occured on October 26 with the participation of Ms. Dang Thi Phuong – Vice Chairwoman of People’s Committee of Vi Xuyen district, Ms. Le Thi Thuan – Head of Education Department, Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien – Secretary of Party Committee of Thuong Son commune, Mr. Hoang Tien Sy – Chairman of Thuong Son commune, Ms. Nguyen Thi Chiem – Vice Chairwoman of People’s Committee of Thuan Hoa commune, Mr. Vo Quang Diem – Chairman of the VNRA and Ms. Pham Thi Kim Oanh – Representative of the Vietnamese Heart Fund and local people.

The beneficiaries of this project are the school site of Lung Vui, in which most of student are ethnic minorities., studying in low-quality circumstance; the family of Mr. Sung Van Xin who is ranked as the second poorest household in the locality with the dependence on 2 maize crops per year. Mr. Xin becomes old and weak; however, his sons and daughters have not had stable jobs.

At the warm handover ceremony, Mr. Vo Quang Diem – representative of VNRA affirmed the mission of accompanying the society and the poor: “Every year, we sponsor AC roof sheets for people suffering from floods and natural disasters. A number of solid houses are being constructed for poor families and households under preferential treatment policy across the country, especially disadvantaged areas like Ha Giang province. The joint support of the community plays an important role to improve the lives of poor families. This is the reason why the VNRA decided to implement house/school-giving project in Vi Xuyen district.”

Tam Lop Fibro Xi Mang

With the support of the VNRA and the Vietnamese Heart Fund – Vietnam Television, degraded works have been dismantled before the coming rainy season. In order to enhance the durability of new houses and school, the sponsor provided fibre-cement products such as wall panels, colored AC roof sheets. These are completely new products with more superior features in terms of durability, price and aesthetics.

In the school site of Lung Vui, the total budget of over 1 billion VND was allocated to build 04 classrooms, 01 kitchen with 02 rooms, 01 toilet with 02 rooms; repair accommodation for teacher and school yard, give presents of school supplies for students. Along with the budget of sponsor, the local government also supported 100 million VND to build fence and gate for the school site.

Tam Lop Fibro Xi Mang 4

Tam Lop Fibro Xi Mang 3

With a budget of 150 million VND contributed from AC roof sheet companies, the house of Mr. Sung Van Xin was also rebuilt with full of essential living space.

Tam Lop Fibro Xi Mang 2

In the handover ceremony, Mr. Sung Van Xin shared “Thanks to local authority and sponsors, my family has a new solid house to shield the rain and wind. I would like thank the sponsors, local authorities and neighbors for helping me.”

Tam Lop Fibro Xi Mang 1

The charity works of the VNRA and the Vietnamese Heart Fund – Vietnam Television are expected to bring warnth and happiness for local people and children in the coming cold winter.