The happiness of two children in house-giving ceremony in Thuan Hoa commune

On December 18, the Vietnam National Roofsheet Association and the Vietnamese Heart Fund handed over a new house for Vang Thi Ha and Vang Minh Tuan in the excitement of local people.

As one of the poorest households in Thuan Hoa commune of Vi Xuyen district, the two children of Ha and Tuan have been living under the leaf roof for a long time. Four walls made of bamboo and rattan have been damaged by rain and sun. Morover, they also lacked family love because the farther died so early while their mom left home without any notice. Just about 3 months ago, the grandmother who raised these children for many years also unfortunately died of lung disease.

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Sympathize with the pitiful circumstance of Ha and Tuan, the Vietnam National Roofsheet Association, in collaboration with the Vietnamese Heart Fund and FM Trading Co., Ltd, built a solid house. This is the 3rd construction of the VNRA in Vi Xuyen district of Ha Giang province after the completion of 01 school site in Lung Vui and another house in Thuan Hoa commune, which were handed over in October.

After a month of commencement, on December 18, the house-giving ceremony occured with the happiness of family and neighbors. The event has participation of Mr. Ha Le Quang – Deputy Head of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Department of Vi Xuyen district, Mr. Luong Duc Hung – Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Thuan Hoa commune, as well as representatives of the VNRA, the Vietnamese Heart Fund, FM Trading Co., Ltd.

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The house has an area of 50 sqm, including 02 rooms with 01 veranda and 01 toilet. The total budget is around 150 million VND, consisting of table, chair, bed and wardrobe. Especially, the VNRA also cooperated with FM Trading Co., Ltd to provide building materials like wall panel, colored AC roof sheet. These are absolutely latest fibre cement products on the market which meet standards of quality and aesthetics.

Tam Lop Fibro Xi Mang 3

In conclusion, the house handed over for Vang Thi Ha and Vang Minh Tuan also ended the charity journey of the VNRA in Ha Giang province, as well as across the country. In the new year, with the cooperation of local authoities, the VNRA would hopefully build more house to bring better living condition to the poor.