The fieldtrip to survey 02 extremely poor families in Can Tho province of house-giving project

In the last days of September, the team of Vietnam National Roofsheet Association and Vietnamese Heart Fund paid a visit to 02 extremely poor families in Thot Not district, Can Tho city.

After looking into the family background of Mr. Danh Dung and Mr. Le Van Nhi in Thot Not district, the team of house-giving program in 2020 rushed to the Southern region. The VNRA and Vietnamese Heart Fund of Vietnam Television had a deep talk with these families, along with local authorities to better understand their circumstances.

First of all, the team visited the house of Mr. Danh Dung in Thanh Hoa ward, Thot Not district. On the river, the house made of metal sheet has no longer be safe while the rainy season is approaching. It is so poor that his family has no money to repair or build a new solid house.

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During the dialogue with local authority, the team more emphasized the urgence to support this household because their land lot is being cleared away in accordance with the general planning of locality. Especially, his wife must take an intensive care for kidney to maintain the normal life while their children in the school age cannot make a living by themselves. The financial burden distresses him everday; however, stable income is still a dream.

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Visiting the second household which is also in difficult circumstance, the team talked with Mr. Le Van Nhi – the breadwinner of family. He shared that all 5 family members, including children had to collect scrap in surrounding provinces because there is no way to maintain a livelihood.

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Like Mr. Danh Dung, Mr. Nhi also made use of metal sheets for his house. Unfortunately, they have already been rusty, which is noticeable from outside. Moreover, the house is over 20 years so that it is no longer solid enough. The survey team is quickly planning for new construction with local contractors to ensure the safety for household.

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On behalf of VNRA, Mr. Vo Quang Diem affirmed that they will try best to bring local residents solid works. Members  of VNRA are certainly contributing new high-quality fibre cement products including coloured roofing sheets and wall panels to enhance the durability of the house. Withe a budget of 150 million dong per household, the new house is included essential works for life.

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