The fieldtrip to assess the situation of a mountainous school in Ha Giang province

It is about 32 kilometers to the school site of Lung Vui, which is the beneficiary of charity program organized by the Vietnamese Heart Fund and Vietnam National Roofsheet Association to the center of Vi Xuyen Town. Here, both teachers and students are suffering from highly disadvantaged circumstance.

It’s the first months of 2020 when the pandemic of Covid-19 was spreading in many provinces and cities in Vietnam, the Vietnam National Roofsheet Association, in cooperation with the Vietnamese Heart Fund planned to support the extremely difficult circumstances in the North. Noticed that Ha Giang province is facing many difficulties, we have proactively contacted local authorities for extensive support. Together with two disadvantaged families in Thuan Hoa commune, the benefactors have received a proposal of Lung Vui school site of Thuong Son commune.

Tam Lop Fibro Xi Mang

On May 21, two weeks after the reopening due to the Covid-19, the representatives of benefactors paid a visit to the school to verify situation and current condition of the work. Located at the back of mountain, the school is another “home” of 117 teachers and students of the Mong and Dao ethnic groups with low living standard. With the customs of ethnic minority scattered across the hillsides, many children must take 4-kilometer walk to school site. This forces the teachers to provide lunch for all students, which not only encourages children to go to school but also improves the teaching quality.

Tam Lop Fibro Xi Mang 1

However, according to the direct assessment, facilities and equipments of the school are absolutely unable to meet the education standards. In general, the works made from wood has deteriorated without ability to withstand the storms after many years of use. The large gaps between wooden walls of classrooms help spread the noise, which extremely disturbs both teachers and students. Moreover, the school site is lacking crucial facilities such as electricity, lights or fans so the effect of weather changes is so great on human health. Especially, children of preschool are hard to learn proper level due to the lack of classrooms. The auxiliary works such as kitchen and toilets are severely degraded and not adequate for over 100 people.

Tam Lop Fibro Xi Mang 2

Tam Lop Fibro Xi Mang 3

After the fieldtrip, the Vietnam National Roofsheet Association, in collaboration with Vietnamese Heart Fund of Vietnam Television had a discussion with local authorities of Vi Xuyen district. Eventually, it is agreed that there will be a new construction with a total budget of VND 900 million for the school site of Lung Vui.

The new work will comprise of 3 classrooms for primary school students, 2 classrooms for kindergarten, 1 dining room, 1 accommodation and toilets. They will be built with assembled concrete panels and colorful AC roof sheet, which help to improve construction progress and adaptability with typical weather in the North. The ground-breaking ceremony is expected to occur in June. Around 1 month later, students and teachers can welcome the new school year of 2020-2021 in the property.

The Chairman of Vietnam National Roofsheet Association – Mr. Vo Quang Diem shared: “VNRA has annual charity programs to support disadvantaged people across the country. In 2020, we plan to provide financial support for a school of Vi Xuyen district, Ha Giang province. Today is our fieldtrip for direct evaluation. All member factories of VNRA will be encouraged to participate in the project. This is a good way to contribute responsibility to society.”

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