The diversification of fiber cement products in Vietnam

(Construction Newspaper) The competition in the roofing sheet industry encourages domestic chrysotile-cement enterprises to transform themselves into modern technology and successfully manufacture new colored fiber cement products with diversified types.

The Vietnam – Russia International Exhibition took place during November 14 to 16 at the National Exhibition Construction Center – Hanoi (No. 1 Do Duc Duc, Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) celebrated the 25th Anniversary of signing the Treaty on the basic principles of the friendship between Vietnam and Russia in 2019, which also known as the Vietnam-Russia cross year. With the participation of 500 Russian and Vietnamese enterprises, many trade and investment promotion activities on the sidelines have occurred, including the signing of a cooperation agreement on supporting Vietnamese enterprises to develop technology and new products in the following years between Vietnam National Roofsheet Association and Orenburg Minerals JSC., Orenburg Province, Russian Federation.

The products of Orenburg Minerals JSC.

Located in one of the most developed country in fiber cement industry in the world, Orenburg province has introduced to Vietnamese partners special products with high applicability such as wall cladding, decorative fiber panels, colored corrugated sheets manufactured under modern technological lines.

Mr. Golm Andrey – the representative of Orenburg Minerals JSC., announced: “We are looking forward to introducing to our Vietnamese partners the advanced products. The two countries have had a long-term relationship. We are delighted to attend the exhibition. Hopefully businesses of the two countries will have opportunities to exchange new products”.

In this day and age, the industry of fiber cement products is growing globally. Together with the Russian Federation, demand for building materials with low cost, high durability, fireproofing, electrical insulation, thermal insulation, highly adaptation to different climatic conditions in big countries like the US, Brazil, China, India, Singapore or developing like Indonesia or Malaysia has encouraged the fiber cement industry to improve technology to produce new trendy products. In Thailand, colored chrysotile-cement tiles have been successfully applied in many houses and social projects across the country. The gap between the rich and the poor has been removed when chrysotile-cement tiles appeared in villas.

Fiber-cement panels for decoration in the Russia.

Vietnamese enterprises introduce new fiber cement materials to foreign partners

The fiber cement industry has developed with traditional corrugated roofing sheet for more than 50 years ago in our country. During the prosperous period, the whole industry had up to 40 factories with 53 lines reaching a total design capacity of 105 million sqm per year, output of about 60 – 80 million sqm per year, consumption of about 50 – 80 million sqm per year. With the superior properties of heatproofing, waterproofing, resistance to harsh weather conditions and low cost, fiber cement sheets have become popular in many regions across the country.

However, the building material has not seen any breakthrough improvements. The concept of AC roof sheets is for the poor and the low-income class is still in their lives while the better-off families are gradually shifting to more expensive materials with beautiful and eye-catching designs.

Therefore, some domestic businesses have successfully tested new fiber cement products with the diversification in types including colored roof sheets, flat fiber cement wall panels, lightweight concrete and colorful decorative wall cladding.

The booth of Vietnam National Roofsheet Association.

Mr. Le Van Nghia – General Director of Dong Anh Investment, Construction and Building Materials JSC., said: “We have produced a new product of panel. It is for the assemblance of high-rise buildings and the constructions of simple social works and house with many outstanding advantages such as fast construction, light weight by half of brick materials and affordable price.”

The first works use new fiber cement products

Some residential projects in Yen Bai province have applied high-tech cement fiber products. For example, the house of Mr. Nguyen Van Quang in Village 1 and that of Mrs. Le Thi Tuyen in Village 4, Van Lang commune, Yen Binh district used eye-catching colored roof sheets in the combination with lightweight concrete fiber cement wall panels to simplify construction while ensuring the criteria of durability and durability.

The new house of Mr. Nguyen Van Quang in Van Lang commune.

“The house is very spacious and durable. Previously, it is thought that fiber cement could only make roof sheet, but now there is a lightweight concrete flat wall that looks very solid, durable. In my opinion, the product can be widely popularized among the local residents, especially people in Van Lang commune, Yen Binh district. A number of people seeing the completed house of my sister believed that the new materials was convenient, durable and built quickly” said Ms. Luong Thi Binh, younger sister of the house owner Mrs. Tuyen.

Mr. Le Hong Quan – Chairman of People’s Committee of Van Lang commune, Yen Binh district also affirmed the prospect of new materials: “In Van Lang commune, we used AC roof sheets previously. With the two houses made of new fiber cement materials, we found them very solid, durable, beautiful and especially suitable for mountainous terrain.”

It is expected that the fiber cement materials will be produced in large quantities and distributed widely to many provinces and cities across the country. If successful, this will be a major breakthrough of fiber cement industry in Vietnam.

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