The Decree no.09 on managing building materials

The Decree no.09 on managing building materials, which included regulations regarding the use of chrysotile, was promulgated by the Government on February 09, 2021.

On February 9, 2021, the Government promulgated the Decree no.09 on managing building materials. In Chapter 3 – Use and Management of building material quality, the Article 8 regulated chrysotile is allowed to use in the production of building materials. Regarding the roadmap to limit new investment or expansion of production facilities, AC roof sheet enterprises are planning for in-depth development with higher product quality, diversification, modern technology, compliance with regulations on labor safety and environmental protection.

On applying substitutes of chrysotile in the production of roofing sheet, the industry sees no feasibility of natural and artificial fibres in terms of features and efficiency in practical use.

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