The chemicals subject to the Prior Informed Consent Procedure

The chemicals listed in Annex III include pesticides and industrial chemicals that have been banned or severely restricted for health or environmental reasons by Parties. There are a total of 40 chemicals listed in Annex III, 29 are pesticides (including 4 severely hazardous pesticide formulations) and 11 industrial chemicals.

Rotterdam Convention Prior Informed consent (PIC)

Listing of chemicals in Annex III

I. For each chemical that the Chemical Review Committee has decided to recommend for listing in Annex III, it shall prepare a draft decision guidance document. The decision guidance document should, at a minimum, be based on the information specified in Annex I, or, as the case may be, Annex IV, and include information on uses of the chemical in a category other than the category for which the final regulatory action applies.

2. The recommendation referred to in paragraph I together with the draft decision guidance document shall be forwarded to the Conference of the Parties. The Conference of the Parties shall decide whether the chemical should be made subject to the Prior Informed Consent procedure and accordingly, list the chemical in Annex III and approve the draft decision guidance document.

3. When a decision to list a chemical In Annex III has been taken and the related decision guidance document has been approved by the Conference of the Parties. the Secretariat shall forthwith communicate this information to all Parties.

Annex III

The chemicals subject to the Prior Informed Consent Procedure

Chemical Relevant CAS number (s) Category
2,4,5-T 93-76-5 Pesticide
Aldrin 309-00-2 Pesticide
Captafol 2425-06-1 Pesticide
Chlordance 57-74-9 Pesticide
Chlordimeform 6164-98-3 Pesticide
Chlorobenzilate 510-15-6 Pesticide
DDT 50-29-3 Pesticide
Dieldrin 60-57-1 Pesticide
Dinoseb and Dinoseb salts 88-85-7 Pesticide
1,2- dibromoethane (EDB) 106-93-4 Pesticide
Fluoroacetamide 640-19-7 Pesticide
HCH (mixed isomers) 608-73-1 Pesticide
Heptachlor 76-44-8 Pesticide
Hexachlorobenzene 118-74-1 Pesticide
Lindane 58-89-9 Pesticide
Mercury compounds, including inorganic mercury compounds, alkyl mercury compounds and alkyloxyalkyl and aryl mercury compounds Pesticide
Pentachlorophenol 87-86-5 Pesticide
Monocrotophos  (Soluble liquid formulations of the substance that exceed 600g active ingredient/1) 6923-22-4 Severely hazardous pesticide formulation
Methamidophos (Soluble liquid formulations of the substance that exceed 600g active ingredient/1) 10265-92-6 Severely hazardous pesticide formulation
Phosphamidon (Soluble liquid formulations of the substance that exceed 1000g active ingredient/1)

13171-21-6 (Mixture, Isomers E&Z)

23783-98-4 ((Z)-Isomer) 297-99-4 ((E)-Isomer)

Severely hazardous pesticide formulation
Methyl – parathion (emulsifiable concentrates   (EC) with 19,5%; 40%; 50%; 60% active ingredient and dusts containing 1,5%; 2% and 3% active ingredient) 298-00-0 Severely hazardous pesticide formulation
Parathion ( all formulations- aerosols, dustable powder (DP), emulsifiable concentrate (EC), granules (GR) and wettable powders (WP) – of this substance are included, except capsule suspensions (CS)) 56-38-2 Severely hazardous pesticide formulation
Crocidolite 12001-28-4 Industrial
Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB)




Polychlorinated biphenyls  (PCB) 1336-36-3 Industrial
Polychlorinated terphenyls (PCT) 61788-33-8 Industrial
Tris (2,3- dibromopropyl) phosphate 126-72-7 Industrial