The 04 new chrysotile-containing products are expected to make a breakthrough for the industry of fibre cement

Grasping the aesthetic tastes of consumers, businesses are launching new chrysotile-containing products with a variety of types.

The production technology of AC roof sheet has been upgraded with closed and highly automated lines which were imported frim Russia, Germany, Belgium and some Western Europe countries. Not only does the new production line improve productivity but also significantly reduces the direct exposure between employees and raw materials, minimizing dust generation and waste into the environment.

In this day and age, modern technology also plays an important role in the production of new products with improved performance and designs. AC roof sheet which has been familar with consumers through gray color is available with many attractive appearance. Manufacturers are using both wet and dry painting technique to increase ability of waterproof and maintain its attractiveness. The product is being applied in public works and residential houses in many countries around the world.

Fibro Xi Mang 4 Fibro Xi Mang 5

Flat fibre cement sheets have many advantages such as light weight, no warping, high pressure resistance, fire resistance, fast drainage, easy cutting ect., so that they are used to make light attic floors, concrete-like floors, partition ect.,

Fibro Xi Mang 6 Fibro Xi Mang 7

Wall panels are introduced with many eye-catching colors, diverse patterns and types, which are suitable for home decoration, insteading of expensive stone and wood.

Fibro Xi Mang 1 Fibro Xi Mang 3 Fibro Xi Mang

Finally, wall panels are manufactured with the latest technology which uses flat sheets as a mold, then pouring concrete in the middle to create a kind of product as thick as normal walls. It still possesses good sound and heat resistance but offering different sizes for actual application. Especially, edges hooks are facilitated for quick and convenient assembly of panels.

00000022 Fibro Xi Mang 2

In addition, flat fibre cement sheets can also be cut into many decorative items like table tops, doors and fences, ect.,

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