Study report in Vietnam to find safe use measure in the roof sheet factories

Industrial Health Associate of Asia – 2015

In Vietnam, Chrysotile has been used since 1950, 90% of which is used to produce chrysotile cement roof sheet. Vietnam consumes 50-60 millions Tons of chrysotile each year. The chrysotile Roof sheet industry account for 60- 62% of total domestic roof sheet demand.

Based on advocacy from WHO and ILO, Health Environment Management Agency – Ministry of Health in Vietnam has proposed to develop a roadmap to ban chrysotile fiber on the grounds that it is carcinogen, Master Plan for development of construction materials sector prepared by Ministry of construction. The issues must be carefully considered by continuing to study convincing scientific evidence. Policy decisions must base on the principle: The most important factor is health of workers. However, other factors like the current contest, socio-economic conditions, community and business interests should also be considered.

This report is about prevention and control. It builds on the principles of controlled-use and embraces the philosophy of product stewardship. Simply put, companies intent in ensuring there future prosperity must be responsible and clean, not only in the plants where products are manufactured, but thought-out the product life-cycle, including : installation, maintenance, removal and disposal. Controlled use technology for the chrysotile asbestos industries, is well developed and readily available. However, in order to build trust and confidence amongst the public and workers, industry must demonstrate that control technology is in place and that all regulatory requirements are being met. If problems rise, concerteded action must be taken to rectify by them quickly.

Fundamental to realizing the responsible use of chrysotile asbestos in a timely and cost-effective manner is a strong industry association which can help its member to provide technical service, preventive control programs, health risk management (By using Chrysotile-only at low exposure level) This study make it possible to know safety and health risk of the processes in Fiber cement in Vietnam. This is deemed very useful for relevant organizations, but at further policy and performance levels.


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