Russia: Safe and responsible use of chrysotile asbestos from policy and legislative framework

The Russian Federation was the largest producer and consumer of chrysotile asbestos in the world from 1886 to 20094 and is now one of the top countries in this field. The point of view of the Russian Government on use of chrysotile is stated in Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, No. 869 dated 31 July 1998. Under which, the Russia says that there is insufficient grounds for the ban by some countries on use of chrysotile and chrsyotile-containing products.

This ban order is based on the health data and statistics of diseases mainly caused by amphibole asbestos without consideration of national socio-economic benefits or the most advanced scientific and technological achievements in production and use of the chrysotile. The Russia supported ILO Convention 162 on safe use of asbestos and concurrent application of organization and technical measures to control the use of chrysotile and asbestos-containing products to assure safety for human and environment. The Russia still keeps its position to further use the chrysotile until the new research results are obtained as the grounds for ban of chrysotile asbestos.

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