Regulation on the Safe and Responsible use of chrysotile asbestos

As from 1983, EU has promulgated a series of specifically legal documents in regulation to manufacturing and using of asbestos fibers

On April, 1986, the 143 countries present at the International Labour Organization (ILO) unanimously approved Convention 162, “Safety in the Use of Asbestos” as well as giving recommendations on controlled use of chrysotile. This Convention advocates the strict regulation of chrysotile, but does not provide any prohibitions, other than crocidolite and sprayed-on asbestos. By the way, the Convention also required for countries paying strong their attention on controlled-use approach in a national legislation covering all the activities involving exposure of workers to asbestos in the course of work.

In Vietnam, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and Ministry of Construction have also given a detailed guidelines regarding to the permitted concentration of chrysotile asbestos in production. By the way, owners of manufacturers are required to implement measures to protect workers from the risks of exposure to chrysotile asbestos, including labour safety equipments in accordance with the stipulated standard and periodical health check up for workers.

Use of chrysotile in production of construction materials.

Prohibiting the production of any form, scale and volume of any product containing asbestos amphibole included: Actinoline, Crocidolite, Amosite, Anthophylite and Tremolite.

Manufacturers which use chrysotile on producing products must comply with the following regulations:

  1. Chrysotile is allowed to use as raw materials for producing AC products
  2. The concentration of exposure of Chrysotile must be ensured with no exceeding to 1 fiber/ml air (average of 8 hours) and 2 fibers/ml air (average of of 10 hourses)
  3. Do not allow the bag to be torn, spilled when transporting materials Chrysotile asbestos
  4. Doing health testing and X – ray examinations periodically in accordance with current regulations of the Ministry of Health for all staff, workers and keep a record of the result in the establishment.
  5. Doing and submitting report on environmental impact assessment to the related Government Departments.

The using of chrysotile with its products in construction

Do not use Chrysotile asbestos as stuffing, inserting, and thermal insulating material, in construction. Adhesives are required to ensure Chrysotile asbestos do not exposure into the air for the industrial projects, equipments that require asbestos to be used as thermal insulation and fire resistant material.

  1. Necessary measures must be apply to control of dust exposure caused by Chrysotile through the sawing grinding, carving, cutting… products containing chrysotile asbestos.
  2. Plans must be done for making sure the environment is protected before grinding, carving, cutting… products containing.
  3. Waste containing Chrysotile asbestos must be collected and transferred to the stipulated area, and not be used as road spraying materials