No ban of asbestos cement products in the US

EPA has just published a final rule that will become effective in 60 days or about June 17, 2019. This final rule states that NO ban of asbestos cement pipes and sheets will be pursued in the USA by EPA.

When the proposed Significant New Use Rule (SNUR) was published on June 1, 2018, asbestos cement products were omitted from this document but were included in a separate list of asbestos products for risk evaluation and further regulation. EPA had stated previously that asbestos products which were no longer manufactured for use in the USA or were not imported for use in the USA would be excluded from risk evaluation and no further regulatory action taken. Following extensive research within the USA and foreign parties and by interventions that occurred in the USA, EPA has now concluded that asbestos cement pipes and sheets should be included in the SNUR final rule which is a significant and positive outcome.   The essentials of the SNUR final rule are:

  1. NO ban of asbestos cement pipes and sheets will be pursued in the USA by EPA.
  2. NO risk evaluations will be pursued for asbestos cement pipes and sheets.
  3. The only requirement in the future, which has been the case since 1991, is that to begin again the manufacture or import of asbestos pipes and sheets permission must be granted by EPA.

This EPA decision is good news align with CIC and ICA policy for safe and responsible use of chrysotile fibers, and for emerging countries that are in need for an affordable product that can be used safely.

Source: Chrysotile Information Center