Luc Dau Giang cancer village – Hai Duong, is it the result of an asbestos roof sheet manufacturing factory, causing many people to live with cancer?

Currently, it is not determined which exactly causes cancer. It is necessary to demonstrate a causal relationship to make conclusions and communicate in media.

Speaking at the Workshop on the scientific basis for the Public health protection against the impacts of chrysotile on December 23rd 2014 in Hanoi, Nguyen Hoang Phuong, People and Nature Reconciliation (Pan Nature) stated that there are 6 main sources of pollution in Hai Duong.

However, after the workshop, newspapers like Vietnamnet, Capital Security reported that cancer village is caused by AC roofsheets using chrysotile. Communication of information without scientific basis and despite subsequent consequences has led to the fact that the public misunderstand the problem.

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