Is there any non-chrysotile roof sheet produced by Vietnam factories? How much does it cost?

In fact, there were production lines adopted to Vietnam claiming to produce non-chrysotile roof sheets. However, the testing results still found a certain amount of chrystile in the product. Also, the price diffirence is up to 60%. 

Tan Thuan Cuong Trading & Producing Jsc, a roof sheet factory in Hai Duong province, is invested by a Japanese partner under the form of equipment and technology to produce roofsheets without chrysotile. In fact, Department of Pollution Control in Directorate General of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment had inspected and found out that this factory still used chrysotile in manufacturing (See report No. 01/BB – KSON).

In addition, Dong Anh Roofsheet factory recently imported roofsheet without asbestos from Thailand by Mahaphant Group. However, a test conducted by the Institute of Construction Materials on those roof sheets revealed that they contained 4% of chrysotile (There is a written report.)

The Institute of Construction Materials’ report at the  “Conference on Reporting chrysotile’s affects to human’s health and appropriate regulations” shows that the prices for 1 square meter of roofsheets with and without chrysotile made by Tan Thuan Cuong company are as follows:

  • Chrysotile roofsheet: 35,000 VND/square meter;
  • PVA roofsheet: 57.000 VND/square meter (VAT included);

Therefore, the price difference is 60%. Meanwhile, the market share of AC roof sheets is 62% and the industry is employing more than 5000 people.

Not only it is durable, the price is affordable for most of low-income families in Vietnam. With 60% price difference, many people can barely afford non-chrysotile roof sheets.