Is there any convincing evidence showing that “every 170 tons of asbestos consumed, there is one case of mesothelioma”?

One kilogram of asbestos increases the risk of mesothelioma by 2.4 times. For every 170 tons of asbestos consumed, there is one case of mesothelioma. – Dr. Pham Duc Phuc (Vietnam Public Health Association) spoke in the Conference on Scientific grounds to protect public health against asbestos’ harmful effect (December 23rd 2014) organized by EBHPD (a member of VN-BAN), VIHEMA, Vietnam Public Health Association (VPHA), Oxfam’s Allies Support Program and WHO.

In Vietnam, the roofsheet manufacturing industry has existed for more than 50 years since 1963. At present, there are 39 manufacturing sites, which is having a total production capacity of 110 million square meters of roofsheet per year and employing more than 5,000 workers. According to data provided by the Vietnam National Roof Sheets Association, from 2008 to present, there are 80 – 90 million square meter of roof sheet produced and used each year, which made from 60,000 – 70,000 tons of chrysotile and amounting to 60 – 62% of total roofsheet demands.

In fact, Health Environment Management Agency’s Ministry – level research on “Chrysotile-caused diseases in contacted people” conducted in two years (2010 – 2011), there is no case of mesothelioma where patient had obvious contact with chrysotile.

Moreover, ff said ratios have been standardized and affirmed, the health authorities must have had recorded those cases.