Is it necessary for Vietnam to conduct more researches on chrysotile when there are many researches in the world on this issue?

It is necessary for Vietnam to study for a comprehensive assessment of its own problem to find the appropriate management measures in line with national situation and conditions.

In fact, many of the world’s studies were carried out 20 – 50 years ago, when chrysotile and amphibole asbestos were used in a mixed manner and there was no strict regulation on labor protection as currently.

Vietnam can not only rely on the results of these studies because the current conditions of using chrysotile in Vietnam have changed significantly. In present, only chrysotile is beng used in Vietnam and it is used in a closed production process under strict control in order to mininize the exposore to employees and environment. Especially, when it is used in AC roof sheet production, chrysotile is mixed with cement so that the chrysotile fibers are attached firmly to cement mixture. As a result, the posibility of chrysotile speading into the air or human lung is very minial if not impossible.

Due to above reasons, Vietnam cannot reply solely on available researches. This is also a proper action to follow “Different Approach depending on national conditions” recommended by the World Health Assembly (WHA) relating to types of fibers, time, conditions and methods of using chrysotile.