Fiber cement products have been “friends” with consumers for many years

(Tienphong) Over 50 years of existence, chrysotile-cement roofing sheets are still suitable to the budgets of many consumers regardless of designs and categories have been improved to be more aesthetically appealing.

The first house built of lightweight concrete fiber materials.

Solid houses made almost entirely of new fiber cement materials have appeared in the mountainous commune of Van Lang, Yen Bai province recently. Starting from September 2019, the 2 works with an area of about 40 sqm are divided into main spaces for the living room and bedroom. Notably, these are the first houses built with lightweight concrete fiber panels and colored roofing sheets in our country. The closer to the time of completion, the more the house attracts the attention of the local residents because they were previously familiar with the traditional gray AC roof sheets.

Products for the poor and low-income households

About 60 years ago, the first corrugated AC roof sheets were produced and put into application in our country. Because of difficulties in life, as well as the use habit of charcoal stoves and cattle and poultry raising, people are very fond of the material because its outstanding advantages such as cheap price, high durability, no corrosion by kitchen fumes or animal feces and resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Today, despite the decrease in consumption, many households still choose AC roof sheets in the northern mountainous provinces, the central and the southern areas of the country. Locating at Village 1A, Long Son commune, Can Duoc district, Long An province, Mr. Nguyen Van Toi shared: “Previously, my house had thatched roofs. Later, we have a better income and built a new house using AC roof sheets which are affordable and durable. Many families here use the material as well.”

The roof is covered with AC roof sheets.

The transformation of the fiber cement industry

The fiber cement industry was started in the late 19th century by the Austrian industrialist – Ludwig Hatschek. Since then, the field has become one of the most important economic sectors in many countries. In the Russian Federation, where the 130-year-old cement fiber industry is located, the field is highly focused. At present, about 63 percent of the volume, equivalent to about 83,000 tons of chrysotile is used to produce fiber cement materials in Russia such as foundations, concrete, wall cladding, water pipes, cable links … Regarding roofing sheet industry, Russia has successfully applied various products in colors and types.

A hotel made of fiber cement products.

In Asia, countries with more developed or similar economy to Vietnam also promote fiber cement industry. China, India, Thailand, Philippines ect. have initially succeeded in the development of new products such as flat panels for ceiling, floor attic, corrugated colored roofing sheets, fiber cement roof tiles, wall cladding, decorative panels, lightweight concrete panels ect. All these materials are affordable, durable, fireproof, insulated, insulated, adaptable to all climatic conditions. Especially in Thailand, colored cement fiber roof tiles have been successfully applied in many houses, villas and social buildings, which help to eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor across the country.

The real fiber cement products at the Vietnam – Russia International Exhibition

Vietnam – Russia International Exhibition (Expo – Russia Vietnam) took place from November 14 – 16 at National Exhibition Construction Center, No. 01 Do Duc Duc, Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi. More than 500 enterprises have joined with new technologies and application, including Orenburg Minerals JSC. – Orenburg province with chrysotile-cement roofing sheets for many construction and decoration such as roof sheets, flat panels, wall cladding, decorative panels ect. with eye-catching colors and competitive prices.

Fiber cement products of Orenburg province.

Mr. Golm Andrey – Representative of Orenburg Minerals JSC., Orenburg province, Russia affirmed: “As a supplier of building materials, we hope to find partners at the exhibition. We target companies producing AC roof sheets. In cooperation, we will support Vietnamese businesses in technology to successfully develop new fiber cement products next year.”

The booth of Vietnam Roofsheet Association and their members is also a highlight with new fiber cement products that are aesthetically appealing and highly applicable such as colored roofing sheets, fiber cement roof tiles, flat wall panels and lightweight concrete or other applications such as high table made of fiber cement panels, decorative fences ect.

The booth of Vietnam Roofsheet Association attracted great attention of participants.

In the context of increasingly competitive market, new fiber cement products can meet diverse needs of consumers with affordable price, good quality and preeminent designs.

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