“Drinking water from fibro-cement roofing sheet leads to cancer. People living under chrysotile roofing sheets take risks of cancer because of drinking and using water from them”. Is it true?

It is unlikely that asbestos is scattered to water leaked from the roofing sheets due to the hollow structure of chrysotile. When it is mixed with cement, cement fills hollows inside fibers to create a solid structure between fiber and cement, from which it is very difficult for asbestos to be emitted (only except for the case of drilling and boring). Indeed, scientific studies have proven this fact.

Conclusion of ORCA Report of the Canada Royal Commission: “After reviewing all the medical evidences, the Commission concluded that eating food or drinking water containing asbestos at its current concentration in North America were unrelated to significant increase in disease. “(in North America, many pipes are made from asbestos cement)

“… it should be noted that, when the asbestos cement roofing sheets were severely damaged, …, we did not observe a significant amount of asbestos fibers scattered from these materials.”

Campopiano et al. Ann Occup Hyg, 2009