No case of cancer has been found due to drinking water from AC roof sheets

(Lai Chau Newspaper) AC roof sheets have been produced in Vietnam since 1963 with the main blending components including 7-10 percent of chrysotile fiber, 90 percent of cement and other additives. With superior properties such as high elasticity and strength, good friction resistance, resistance to alkaline environment, electrical insulation, thermal insulation, persistence ect., chrysotile helps create over-50-year-old AC roof sheet products. In fact, this material has met rigorous consumer standards such as good thermal insulation, persistence under climate changes, sea steam, hoarfrost, kitchen smoke or acids in fences of cattle and poultry.

The story of AC roof sheet industry after 60-year existence with people

(Thai Binh Newspaper) Around the year of 1963, AC roof sheets (also called chrysotile-cement sheets) were manufactured in our country. With suporior characteristics such as good quality, high durability, resistance to typical hot and humid climate and large temperature difference, especially in coastal areas and mountainous areas, AC roof sheets are preferred by people.

20 days of “assembling” a dream house for the poor

(Dantri) In less than a month, new materials including colored roof sheets, flat fiber cement wall panels and light concrete were used to build a solid house with unexpected aesthetic efficiency, considerable time saving and cost saving.

The diversification of fiber cement products in Vietnam

(Construction Newspaper) The competition in the roofing sheet industry encourages domestic chrysotile-cement enterprises to transform themselves into modern technology and successfully manufacture new colored fiber cement products with diversified types.

The industry of AC roof sheet and their concerns during 20 years

(Cong Thuong) Around the 2000s, the information that chrysotile-containing roofing sheets have bad effects on human health caused confusion in the public. However, many experts have confirmed there is not enough evidence to “accuse” of the useful building material. The concerns of AC roof sheet businesses have lasted for 20 years already.

Is there any chance for new fiber cement products?

(Tienphong) AC roof sheet is a roofing material which is familiar with most people and has been used since 1963 in Vietnam. With the high durability, resistance to hot and humid climate, ease in transport and good price, AC roof sheet is often used for the construction of houses and barns.

There should be more thorough studies on other substitute products

(People’s Deputies Online Newspaper) In the afternoon of October 10, under the chairing of Deputy Minister – Mr. Bui The Duy, the Ministry of Science and Technology held a regular press conference for the third quarter with important contents, including the assessment of whether or not there are the harmful effects of chrysotile in roof sheets.

AC roof sheet factories: an official decision is urgently in need

(Cong Thuong) After many years of working in the AC roof sheet industry of Vietnam, many business owners and workers are always in the insecurity due to the inconsistence of policy. More than ten businesses have discontinued operations or completely shut down with a large number of workers losing their jobs. Therefore, the Government should make an official decision on the AC roof sheet issue as soon as possible.