20 days of “assembling” a dream house for the poor

(Dantri) In less than a month, new materials including colored roof sheets, flat fiber cement wall panels and light concrete were used to build a solid house with unexpected aesthetic efficiency, considerable time saving and cost saving.

After 9 years implementing the Development of New rural area program, Van Lang has had many achievements in stabilizing and developing life for local residents. The number of poor households in the commune has decreased from 40.5% (in 2011) to 11.39% (in 2019). The local authorities still use their own resources to support the remaining 76 households in the commune to get out of poverty and stabilize their living.

The poor never dare to dream of a house

Locating in Village 1, Van Lang Commune, Yen Binh District, Yen Bai Province, the family of Mr. Nguyen Van Quang is one of the poorest households. With the low income of less than 5 million dong per month, Mr. Quang and his wife have never dared to dream of a solid house with full fiber cement walls for more than 20 years.

Mrs. Canh – the wife of Mr. Quang shared: “The couple have unstable jobs. All money is not enough to cover the tuition fees for children. I didn’t dare to think of a house with solid walls. When winter comes, it is too cold, but we just live with it.”

The leaf house of the family of Mr. Quang has had no walls.

In Village 4, Mrs. Le Thi Tuyen who is nearly 80 years old is living alone. Under the leaf roof, the old lady only wished a sturdy roof, so that the rain and wind could no longer break into or leak through.

The old lady smiled sadly: “I did not dream of a new house because I did not have enough money. My daughters are poor as well. If possible, I only wish to replace the leaf roof.”

In early November, with the support of local authorities and businesses, local people had the opportunity to share happiness with the family of Mr. Quang and Mrs. Tuyen on the charity house-giving ceremony. From now on, the families will no longer worry about the storm or the cold weather in the Northwest mountainous region.

The new house of Mr. Quang is solid and attractive after completion.

Besides the humanity, the two new houses also marked an important milestone in the development of fiber cement industry. In less than a month, new building materials such as colored roof sheets, flat fiber cement wall panels and lightweight concrete have been put into use. They helped save significant time and costs while bringing surprisingly aesthetic effect to the house.

According to the representative of Dong Anh Investment, Construction and Building Materials JSC., the new fiber cement product not only retains the inherent preeminent properties such as durability, thermal insulation, insulation, resistance to climate change, no corrosion by kitchen smoke, hoarfrost, sea steam but also brings the attractiveness with affordable price for a variety classes of consumers.

New technology for the production of fiber cement materials

The fiber cement industry has become a developed sector in many countries such as the US, the Russia, Brazil, China, India. In Thailand, together with the gray roof sheet, colored chrysotile-cement roofing sheets, fiber cement tiles, wall cladding panels and decorative panels have been successfully produced. In particular, not only low-income households but well-off families in the country have also used the materials in luxurious villas.

Russia is one of the leading countries in the research and application of fiber cement products that are not only convenient but also meet aesthetic factors such as flat sheets, sewage pipes, water pipes, chimneys, communication cables, ventilation systems, trash, or balcony partitions.

A huge building was made entirely of fiber cement products.

Participating in the Vietnam – Russia International Exhibition and Vietnam – Russia Trade and Investment Promotion Forum held during November 14th and 16th at the National Exhibition Construction Center – Hanoi, Orenburg Province with the representative of Orenburg Minerals JSC. introduced to Vietnamese partners the products with high applicability and attractiveness.

The unique fiber cement products of Orenburg Province.

The booth of Vietnam National Roofsheet Association also drew the attention of both international and domestic visitors with a variety of useful construction materials such as colored roof sheet, flat sheets and lightweight concrete, other applications including high tables and decorative fences.

The booth introduced new fiber cement products from factories of Vietnam Roofsheet  Association.

The representative of Vietnam Roofsheet Association – Mr. Vo Quang Diem expressed: “We have just signed a cooperation agreement with Orenburg Minerals JSC., on the transfer and application of modern technology to diversify products, improve quality as well as reduce costs to meet customer needs.”

That means there will be not only the traditional corrugated chrysotile-cement roofing sheets with gray color but also other fiber cement products with diverse types, size and color. This will certainly be a remarkable breakthrough for the diversification of products to satisfy the market of low-cost roofing materials.

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