100% green magnesium produced from chrysotile mining residues

The world of chrysotile and its ICA have been promoting and defending the safe and responsible use of the chrysotile asbestos fiber for years. It is a well-tried fiber whose efficiency has long been proven.

Even if the anti-asbestos crusaders stubbornly refuse to recognize the differences between amphibole and serpentine fibers, even if they negate the positive results arising from the safe and responsible use program and even if they ignore the most recent scientific findings, namely on the fibers’ bio persistency, the file nevertheless progresses.

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Those extreme campaigners put all their might in their fight against the valorization and exploitation of serpentine mine tailings and are doing everything they can to stop any project aiming at doing so. Fortunately, the communities’ solidarity and determination are circumventing those sterile and dogmatic obstructions.

Recently, an article posted (In French) on a website dedicated to climate action in Quebec (Canada) mentioned a strong project which extracts magnesium from residues, a 100 % green initiative which garners support and admiration. As confirmed by a recent German study, Alliance Magnesium has created a patented technology which produces magnesium ingots from serpentine mine tailings, with the lowest greenhouse gas outputs on the planet.

This safe and eco-responsible production of magnesium ingots takes place in a safe and secure environment, respects the workers and the community’s health, and protects the environment. The ICA commends the fact that this is made possible through a strong connection with the decades of experience acquired by the chrysotile industry. The industry’s work yields results and becomes a strong asset when it comes to responsible management.

For years the ICA has promoted the principle of rigorous control as opposed to the foggy precautionary principle and the unrealistic zero risk advocated by the wall-to-wall banishment gurus. The ICA, along with chrysotile stakeholders worldwide, instead opted for a realistic and practicable mining exploitation strategy. It can therefore only rejoice that this forward looking and trustworthy project is based on a responsible exploitation of serpentine mine tailings.

Now more than ever we must act in solidarity, firstly against the anti-asbestos crusaders and their propaganda. The ICA also wants to reiterate that special attention must be given to the world’s poorest countries, who urgently need material which are both affordable and environment-friendly. The use of new, safe products that protect both the environment and human health falls naturally within the parameters set and promoted by the ICA and the chrysotile world. Even more so when this magnesium production benefits regional economies and creates high quality jobs.

International Chrysotile Association